Welcome to deep Entertainment.

We’re an independent game developer located in Germany making narrative games and adventure games. Additionally, we’re developing frameworks and tools in our engine-of-choice Godot.

You can watch our development stream on Twitch every Monday at 9:30 pm CET.

For the latest updates, check out our Mastodon profile.

Are you having problems, playing indie games on your mac? We may have got you covered.

Safehouse – Atmospheric Point & Click Thriller

We’re currently developing Safehouse, an atmospheric Point & Click Thriller.

Check out the the open licensed game design document

EgoVenture – First Person Adventure Framework

We created EgoVenture, a first person adventure game framework for Godot powering the games of MDNA-Games since 2021.

Escoria – 2nd/3rd Person Adventure Framework

We contributed to Escoria, a second/third person adventure game framework for Godot

The Streamtoy logo - a rubber duck on a stream of water
StreamToy – Framework to handle stream notifications in Godot

We created StreamToy, a framework consisting of a Server and Godot addon to receive notifications from Streaming providers in a Godot application.

The Letter – Atmospheric narrative game

We created the atmospheric narrative game The Letter for the AdvXJam 2020